AB.R-Spinning Mills Ltd.


Besides Shirin Spinning Mills Ltd., to create another brand in the market AB.R-SpinningMills Ltd was incorporated in the year 2009 and went into production in the year 2010 with 20,000 Spindles having production capacity of 11,000 Kg of carded and slub yarn per day. Originally a running Plant in Greece with complete Rieter Spinning line and Muratec Auto Coner were brought to the Premises of A.B-R. Later after running 6 years, the plant were balanced and modernized in 2016 replacing most of the machinery in Blow Room, Draw Frame, Simplex and completely in Carding and Winding. The monthly achievable production of the mill is now 330,000 kg.

Machinery & Equipment of AB.R-Spinning Mills Ltd:

Blow Room      : 1 line, Rieter, Switzerlad

Carding          :7  Nos., C-70, Rieter, Switzerland, 2016

Draw Frames   : 8 delivery, Rieter, Switzerland, 2004, 2016

Simplex          : 4 nos, Rieter, 2 Nos, Hicorp, 2016

Ring Frame     : 14 Nos (932 Spds each) & 12 Nos (560 Spindles)  Rieter, Switzerland

Winding         : 6 Nos (with 64 drums each), Savio, Italy, 2016

Textile Division:

The Textile Division, as designed with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment mainly from Europe and Japan has a total Ring Spindle of 102,000 along with 1080 Rotor Units. The daily production of yarn of the Textile Division reached to 68 MT which are mainly sold to export-oriented knitting and weaving industries of the country. On opening of back-to-back Letter of Credit, the products, i.e., yarns of required counts and quantity are being delivered within shortest possible time to the buyers industry with the help of 10 covered vans of Masafi Group which are dedicated for this purpose.

ABR Spinning Mills:

Monthly Production of Yarn                    : 330 MT

Carded Yarn                              :           330,000 kg



Address: 73 Purana Palton Lane, Bijoy Nagar

City: Dhaka-1200

Country: Bangladesh

Phone: +88 02 58315967-8

Email: info@masafigroup.com

Web: www.masafigroup.com