Chairman’s biography


Mr. Mohammad Ali Chowdhury was born in 1952 at Lasragonj Union, Thana: Singair, Dist: Manikgonj. He entered into the business from his early stage of life and within very short time he became a successful businessman in his surroundings.

The whole life of his business career he is accomplished with his sincerity, honesty, conceptual and practical problem solving minded. He has established and owned of different type of Industries including Shirin Spinning Mills Ltd. (Unit-1 & Unit-2), AB.R Spinning Mills Ltd, Masafi Agro Food Industries Ltd, Masafi Bread and Biscuit Industries Ltd, Dimond Biscuit Ltd, Apon Agro Foods Ltd, and other organizations.

During his tenor of business career, he gained business technique in textile spinning and agro based food and its manufacturing, operating, marketing and organizing systems. In his business career he has awarded from different Government and Non Government organizations as well. He is well acquainted locally and internationally with his honesty, sincerity and strong personality. The fame of his business expressed across the world like Europe, North America, Middle East, China and South Asian Countries.

Mr. Mohammad Ali Chowdhury is associated with and donors of a number of Mosques, Madrashas, schools, colleges and different social welfare organizations. He also organizes and donates the Holy Quranic Education Center for aged person among both male and female through his social responsibilities.

In personal life he is a father of two sons and three daughters.