Company Growth

Growth Flow

1968 Started Journey with Trading Business
1973 Set up Shathi Flour Mill
1977 Set up Satil Flour Mill

Acquired Reaz Bread & Biscuits Ltd. & Started manufacturing and supply of biscuits in the name of Masafi Bread & Biscuis Industries Ltd

2007 Incorporated Shirin Spinning Mills Ltd with 30,000 Ring Spindles
2008 Expansion of Shirin Spinning with 10,000 Ring spindles
2010 Set Up AB-R Spinning Mills with 20,000 Ring Spindles
2011 Set up very modern Food Mfg Plant, “Dimond Biscuits Ltd.”
2015 Set up Masafi Agro Food Industries Ltd. And Expansion of Shirin Spinning Mills Ltd. with 1080 Rotors
2017 Expansion of Shirin Spinning with 42,000 Ring Spindles (having latest technology from Europe & Japan including complete Automation)