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Started its operation in the Year 2007 with 30,000 spindles with capacity of 17,500 kg carded and slub yarn per day and went into addition of more 10,000 spindles with production capacity of 5,500 Kg carded and slub and fancy yarn per day in the following year to meet up market demand. Total production capacity of SSML stood at 23,000 Kg of carded and slub/fancy yarn per day which is running with its entire capacity. In the year 2015 it was expanded by 3 Rotor machine having 1,080 rotor units with a production capacity of 5,000 Kg of open-end yarn utilizing the waste cotton of SSML. With this level of production SSML has been facing huge short fall in meeting up buyers demand for which SSML had to regret significant quantity of orders from it’s reputed buyers. Considering the demand of the existing buyers as well as anticipating the future market demand the group set up another very modern and automatic spinning unit named as Shirin Spinning Mills Ltd. (Unit-2) with 42,000 ring spindles with complete European and Japanese technology which is brought into operation in January 2018, the daily production capacity of which is 29,000 kg. The total Spindle capacity of Shirin Spinning Mills Ltd. is now more than 82,000 along with 1080 rotor units. With the present Production level of 57,000 kg per day, the total achievable production per month of Shirin Spinning Mills is 1710 Metric Tons.

Machinery & Equipment:


Blow Room: Rieter, Switzerlad

Carding:         Rieter, Switzerland

Draw Frames: Rieter, Switzerland

Combers        : Rieter, Switzerland

Simplex          : Toyota FL-200, Japan

Ring Frame     : Shangai Erfangji frame with Texpart Drafing & Texpart/Novira Spindles

Winding         : Savio, Italy


  • Blow Room: 2 lines,  Rieter, Switzerlad, 2017
  • Carding:         17 Nos, C-70, Rieter, Switzerland,2017
  • Draw Frames: 16 Delivery (8 Breaker & 8 Finisher), Rieter, Switzerland,2017
  • Simplex          : 10 Nos. (with 128 spindles each) Auto Doffing Roving (ADR) from Electrojet, Spain, 2017
  • Fully Auto Transportation of Roving to Ring Frames:  Electro Jet, Spain, 2017
  • Ring Frame     : 29 Nos. (with 1440 Spindles each) Rieter G-32 with Full Auto Doffing System, 2017
  • Winding         : 12 Nos (with 72 drums each), Muratec, Japan, 2017


Blow Room: 1 line, Rieter, Switzerlad, 2016

Carding:         C-70, Rieter, Switzerland, 2016

Draw Frames: 4 delivery, Rieter, Switzerland, 2016

Open End Rotor Frame with 320 spindles each:,Rieter R-35, Switzerland, 2016


Masafi Group is devoted and meant for optimum and consistent quality products and services to its valued customers. The products and services of the main two divisions of the group are stated as under:

Textile Division:

The Textile Division, as designed with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment mainly from Europe and Japan has a total Ring Spindle of 102,000 along with 1080 Rotor Units. The daily production of yarn of the Textile Division reached to 68 MT which are mainly sold to export-oriented knitting and weaving industries of the country. On opening of back-to-back Letter of Credit, the products, i.e., yarns of required counts and quantity are being delivered within shortest possible time to the buyers industry with the help of 10 covered vans of Masafi Group which are dedicated for this purpose.

Shirin Spinning Mills -1:

Monthly Production of Yarn                    : 690 MT

Carded Yarn                              :           380,000 kg

Combed Yarn                            :           60,000 kg

Slub/Fancy Yarn                        :           250,000 kg


Shirin Spinning Mills -2:

Monthly Production of Yarn                    : 870 MT

Carded Yarn                              :           870,000 kg

Shirin Spinning Mills Open End Unit:

Monthly Production of Yarn                    : 150 MT

Carded Yarn                              :           150,000 kg



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